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Pretty cool Celeste clone.

Neat game, love how you used hair dye instead of balloons and I LOVE the more medieval feel.

Great game. Lots of fun! :) :)

puto juego

I got 63 cubes in 235s! There was serious lag, though at several points in the game.

I have a speed run on 94 sec

Anyone beat it?

How many cubes did you get? 

Really late reply but I did 60s

Curious, did anyone beat it?  Was it too hard/easy or long/short for you? How many cubes were you able to collect? 

Yes and I think like 67 cubes. It's a really good level layout. I loved playing Celeste, so seeing the same concept with a new layout was really fun! The difficulty could have been a bit harder based on the original game, but the length was about the same.  Anyways, good job and keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for sharing your impression! 

Yes i did beat it with like 93/99 cubes, could have been harder. Length was perfect. A fun little game, nice work ^^


This is really good! I especially like how re-charge crystals are replaced with batteries :)

Thanks for playing and feedback! Glad you like it :)