A short game made with awesome TIC-80 fantasy console and beautiful Abandonauts sprites inspired by celesteditor. Thank guys for awesome stuff!

Note: You may have to load the game twice (refresh) for it to work.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withTIC-80
Tags8-Bit, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, TIC-80
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Hey !

I'm creating a co-op bundle with the best tic-80 games. Revenue would be shared between developers. For now the bundle is composed of : the tic-80 console, Last In Space, 8bit panda, shadow over the twelves land and multiple puzzle.

Feel free to contact me on my twitter or by mail : darenn.gamedev[at]gmail.com if you're interested. Have a great day !

i dont know but somehow i glitched out of them map so... yeeeeeeea

i dont know but somehow i glitched out of them map so... yeeeeeeea


17 seconds on any%


Nice! I am so used to C for jump that I just can't do it so fast.!

reaaly nice  celeste isnspired platformer :)

Not possible to have a file a windows build?

79 seconds on just trying it the fastest way I knew how  to right after a failed 100% run

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cool game! is there a way to fall through the yellow platforms? 

my record is 57 seconds

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Did anyone realize all the levels ae connected? I went into an area to save myself death, and I saw the previous level! Very cool .
The game is great even though its short, and I will suggest making the game into something complete. Also the checkpoint system is somewhat broken, so please fix it.

this was nice, even if it was short. there is no tutorial, so if anyone wants to play this game without having played celeste first, they'll be screwed. otherwise the game is phenomenal, i really enjoyed collecting all cubes.

100% = 429 s.
any% = 89 s.



Very fun :D


gg ez

Pretty cool Celeste clone.

Neat game, love how you used hair dye instead of balloons and I LOVE the more medieval feel.

I saw it as more sci-fi, but now that I'm looking at the sprites again, it really does look medieval!

Great game. Lots of fun! :) :)

puto juego

I got 63 cubes in 235s! There was serious lag, though at several points in the game.


I have a speed run on 94 sec

Anyone beat it?

How many cubes did you get? 


Really late reply but I did 60s

idk had nothing to do so grinded a 55. I know im like 4 yrs late but still.

sub 50

95, close


Curious, did anyone beat it?  Was it too hard/easy or long/short for you? How many cubes were you able to collect? 

Yes and I think like 67 cubes. It's a really good level layout. I loved playing Celeste, so seeing the same concept with a new layout was really fun! The difficulty could have been a bit harder based on the original game, but the length was about the same.  Anyways, good job and keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for sharing your impression! 

Yes i did beat it with like 93/99 cubes, could have been harder. Length was perfect. A fun little game, nice work ^^


83sec+99cubes (different runs)

it was a good mix of hard and easy, and it was a little short, but I still enjoyed it. I managed to get every cube after a few tries. Great game, I look forward to seeing any new projects you have!

This is really good! I especially like how re-charge crystals are replaced with batteries :)

Thanks for playing and feedback! Glad you like it :)